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The Made in Italy is a leading concept in the world today. It defines and qualifies something made with Italian inputs. Our company goes beyond this definition as it manufactures a product that significantly includes human resources, a territory and most of all the Italian culture, allowing talents, in this case from Tuscany and Lombardy to create a footwear to satisfy the international need for comfort.


Every BioNatura craftsmen take with them the products culture that reflects deep-rooted handcrafts. Thanks to these shoemaking skills the Italian shoes have gained their own identity within competitive tendencies, always endorsing the tradition to deal with family needs: quality of raw materials, design, colours, shapes, accessories and prices.


As you wear BioNatura shoes, it finalizes the delicate development of feet satisfaction, which is the same of the human body as well as the environment surrounding them. Strong in a culture that goes far beyond the product development, we strive to make our own literature statements, taking the meaning in projecting a shoe for the benefit of any feet. Malcom de Chazal used to say: “The idealist walks on tiptoe, the materialist on his heels." At BioNatura we say that the health enthusiast walks on BioNatura, knowing that we are stating a truth that cannot be denied.


At this point, let’s give you an appointment for your next BioNatura purchase, let’s hit the road together. We carry in our luggage our experience in handling all the ingredients to make any of your step more comfortable, making you proud of a foot that will never complain. You wear our shoes and forget distances, standing and daily fatigue. We are here for your feet, with love